Pucker Up, Pretty Lips!

There’s nothing sexier on a summer night out then a pair of luscious red lips. But we’re the first to admit the red pouts that are so hot on the red carpet are not easy to pull off in the real world. Here are five red lipstick rules to follow for a perfect kisser.

1. Balance
If you’ve got red lips, they should be the focus of your face. This means color should be used sparingly on eyes and cheeks. Nothing worse than bright red lips, super pink cheeks, and colorful eyes. That’s clown-ish, not goddess-ish. Instead, work neutral browns, coppers, or even a little smoky gray on the eyes, and keep your blush subtle.

2. Lock it in
Red lipstick tends to bleed more than any other color, so take extra steps to keep it where it belongs….on your luscious lips! Start with a reversible lip liner around the perimeter of your lips. Then line just below your lips with a neutral liner (creating the illusion of a poutier lower lip.

3. Be Blue
Wear red lipstick and one thing is for certain…everyone you talk to will be focusing in on your mouth. Make sure your teeth look white by picking a blue based red. Unfortunately, many beautiful shades of red are orange based, emphasizing any yellow in your teeth. Choose a blue red, or top your favorite lipstick shade with It Smile Brightening Blue Gloss.

4. Mix it up
Bought a lipstick that’s too bright or too dark? Don’t throw it away. Use it to mix up your own perfect red. Choose shades that are in a palette and mix easily, or mash up a piece from your lipstick tube…use a lip brush to blend your ideal shade. You’ll be the Monet of lipstick!

5. Make it Stick
If you really want your red to stay in place all day, be sure to blot. After applying your first coat of lipstick, press your lips over a tissue and blot. Follow with a dusting of loose powder. Top off with another coat of lipstick. Your fabulous red won’t go anywhere!


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