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Michael Todd Cosmetics is not just a cosmetics line, but a beauty skin care line as well. Michael Todd has taken the latest technology along with nature and produced a beauty skin care line that not only helps to slow down the aging process, but is good for your skin too. Michael Todd has incorporated natural ingredients like Snail Secretion, Matrixyl, Olive Oil, and BioActive Antioxidants, to name a few, into his products.


But Michael Todd’s beauty skin care baby is his KNÚ Anti-Age Tri-Complex™. KNÚ Anti-Age Tri-Complex™ works in three ways and that is why Michael calls it his “triple threat” to aging. It heals, smooths, and adds volume to skin. The cream contains three major ingredients that work together to produce astounding results.


Snail Secretion
Snail Secretion has unbelievable regenerative properties. The fluid that snails secrete protects them from UV radiation, environmental pollutants and free radicals.
Snail Secretion is great for every skin type.


Snail Secretion:
-Helps protect against environmental aggressors
-Opens clogged pores
-Restores tissue plasticity
-Fights teen and adult acne
-Helps reduce scarring (including acne scars)
-Accelerates the renewal of damaged tissues
-Induces quick skin regeneration after wound healing
-Prevents and treats scars and stretch marks
-Fights scalp and skin infections
-Helps avoid keloids and abnormal scars
-Counteracts sun damage preventing premature skin aging and wrinkles


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