China Glaze and Orly new collections

Après les teintes pastel à venir pour ce printemps avec la collection Up&Away, China Glaze continue de jouer la sécurité avec des teintes très vives pour cet été. La collection Poolside sera disponible à partir du mois d'avril.
After the lovely pastel shades that are to be released for spring in the Up&Away collection, China Glaze once again chose to play it safe with very bright shades (neons in fact) for this summer's collection. The Poolside collection will be available in April.

Pour le printemps Orly a choisi de miser sur 6 teintes censées représenter toutes les étapes de la croissance d'une fleur, du bouton à son flétrissement en passant évidemment par son épanouissement.
For springtime orly has chosen to release six shades that are supposed to represent the different stages of a flower: budding, blooming and wilting.

Il y aura aussi une mini-collection bien plus intéressante à mon avis puisqu'elle sera constituée de teintes mattes. Comme tu dois le savoir, je suis réfractaire à cette mode (j'ai un flacon de Matte About You mais il n'est même pas ouvert) mais là, pour le coup je vais peut être me laisser tenter. En effet Orly tente le pari de mélanger effets mattes et métalliques...j'ai vraiment hâte de voir le résultat!
There will also be a mini-collection that will be much more interesting in my opinion since it will be only matte shades. As you must know by now I am not at all into that matte trend (I do have my bottle of Matte About You but it has yet to be opened) but this time I think I might let myself be convinced of buying some mattes. Indeed, Orly is trying to mix mattes an metallic finishes...I am really looking forward to seeing the finished product!

Mac Too Fabulous Collection Swatches and Review

Mac Too Fabulous Collection Swatches and Review. I've always been a fan of MSF's since they are a great way to get a light colored blush so I was very excited about this collection. I only picked up three as well as two Cremesheen Glasses. You can see my swatches below.

Product Photos

Swatches of Chic Couple, Buddy Up ( My fav or the three) , and Bi-Tone ( I must admit that I really like the color pay off for these Msf's . I'm sure if it's the swirl of colors or what but they look fabulous on the cheek. No pun intended).

Chic Couple

Buddy Up


Swatches of Just Superb and Deelight ( cremesheens glasses always look great on the lips since they are so creamy).

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