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One of the things that seems to plague all of us is skin problems in one form or another. Teen acne, adult acne, occasional breakouts, dry skin, aging skin, rosacea, etc. Our skin seems to have a mind of its own no matter what type you have. Once I decided to green up my skin care I went on a hunt for products that wouldn’t irritate my mild rosacea but would hopefully help me control my hormonal breakouts.

I had the opportunity to try out a skin care line called Miessence Certified Organics. I’d seen his around for years but never tried it, but I’m glad I did. The Miessence soothing skin care line held up to my standards for safer skin care. It didn’t aggravate my rosacea and the products really do what they say they’ll do. There is a system for every skin type and the system works well with the 3 base products. The Miessence cleanser, skin conditioner, which is like a gentle toner and a moisturizer.

The Soothing line has a nicer vanilla style scent and is free of nasty petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, parabens and features certified organics ingredients like organic aloe and bergamont. Miessence Organics has a skin care line for every skin type including Balancing for normal/combo skin, Rejuvenating for mature/dry skin, Soothing for sensitive skin (like mine), and Purifying for oily/problem skin types who are prone to breaking out. These are a great alternative to mainstream skin care lines full of icky petrochemicals.

Certified Organic products - MiEssence

Certified Organic products - MiEssence

MiEssence have created the worlds first certified organic to food standards range of products. Skin care, body care, hair care, oral care, cosmetics, home care and nutritional products.

Every single ingredient is edible.

If you can not pronounce an ingredient do not put it on your skin, nor your babies or childrens skin. Our skin is the largest organ and everything is absorbed into it.

Our ingredients are cold pressed, unrefined oils and therapuetic grade herbs, flowers, nuts and seeds. Contact me for an ingredient list or view ingredients on my website listed below.

MiEssence is your only guarantee of purity - sythetic ingredient, preservative free, paraben free, petrochemical free, toxin free.

Our products are Aloe Vera based (not water) so you are actually paying for quality ingredients, which last a lot longer and give you value for money.

Your skin will love you!!!

We have an ever growing range of products and will shortly be releasing a SCENT FREE BABY RANGE!!!!

Order securely online, shipping from our US Warehouse.

Discount and loyalty program with range of 10-20% discounts.


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