I Cannot Believe How Quickly My Scar Has remove

Scar removing cream
Scar removing cream
Scar removing cream
Scar removing cream
Scar removing cream

" I Cannot Believe How Quickly My Scar Has Healed"

" I have been using the scar cream for one month now and cannot believe how quickly my scar has healed. My doctor is amazed at the progress! I was very upset with the inch long scar I got due to minor surgery right on my cheek! I now am so happy I had the surgery as the scar is healing so well! Thank you Rejuveness!! You're a life saver (or face saver) in this case. Tom, IA

"My doctor was amazed at how fast and how nice the incision was healing"

"The scar cream began working right away. I recently had surgery and began using the scar cream after the staples were removed." Kim, Hilo, HI

"I want to thank you for such a wonderful cream "

A cream that actually works & is helping repair my scar on my face. I have wasted money on other products such as Mederma & Scar Guard and I only wish I would have known about your cream because it has really helped my appearance and given me back a lot of my self-esteem. I love using your cream & have told several of my friends & family it works like nothing else. Please do not stop making this product this is my second order placed and I will continue to use the silicone & the cream, I am trying not to get upset but your product has helped me heal on the outside but most of all you can see what it has done to make my inside so very happy that I try not to get choked up. Thank you again, Deborah, Georgia

"I want to thank you for your great products!"

My 10 year old daughter had an indented burn scar on her leg from having a wart removed with freezing. It was very noticeable and made her feel bad. About three months after the freezing I found you folks and ordered the Hyper-Heal cream and the silicone sheets. I received it that same week. After using both products together for about two weeks continuously her scar improved dramatically, the scar seemed to blend in with the rest of her skin and it filled in where it used to be sunken in. We continued to use the same regime, now it has been 3 months and I can't believe it I no longer see the scar and you can't tell. Thank you, Linda, Gainesville, FL

"I have tried everything and nothing worked your scar cream really works!"

My scars have become lighter and are disappearing after only two weeks - that's why I am coming back for more. This is great! I.A. New Hyde Park

"Finally, a scar cream that actually does what it claims to do..."

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this product. Ruth, BOSTON

"Your products have been working like a miracle on my problem skin since August!"

I just want to say thank you all! Tamaki, (Japan)

I have seen a significant improvement in size and appearance that I was unable to get before!

I have been receiving Kenalog injections for my keloid scars that range in age between 3 months and 10 years old. The injections didn't last and seemed to make my keloids worse. After using your scar cream Hyper-Heal for just two weeks. Tu,Las Vegas, Nevada

"Your Hyper-Heal cream has significantly improved the appearance as well as shrunk the size of the dark burn scars."

I have a dark complexion with dark burn scars. I have also been using Hyper-Heal on my face and my friends have noticed the healthy glow it now has. L.R, California

"Your Hyper-Heal cream worked well for me."

It healed my indented scarring 80% and helped to make the ice-pick scarring shallower. Thank you for this - I really did appreciate it. Yours Sincerely, A.S.

"I have told quite a few people including my plastic Surgeon."

l have had a lower Blastoplasty 5 weeks ago and thank to your wonderful product you can hardly see the scaring, and its only been such a short time, My Dr told me in 4 to 6 week the scaring should get worse before it gets better, they told me in about 6 month it should fade away, but thanks to the Hyper-Heal cream in just 5 weeks its just amazing its hardly noticeable at all, l apply it morning and night. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product..., Janice, LA

"I'm looking forward to trying your other products"

A very satisfied scar cream customer.....Kindest regards, S.M.,New Mexico

"I just wanted to tell ReJuveness and future customers that these products really work"

I have been using them for about three months and I see a significant difference in my scar. I had a horrible case of acne which left a terrible scar right between my eyebrows and now I can barely see it. I had tried other products in the past, some of which were more expensive and nothing seemed to work. I will continue to use them until I run out and probably reorder again so it fades even more. Thank you for these fabulous products So if you are out there with a scar which is affecting your self esteem, order these products, you have nothing to lose except your scar!! Lauren O.

"I am STUNNED how good they work."

The ReJuveness Hyper-Heal cream and silicone sheeting scar sheets combo is unbelievable. I can actually look at my self in the mirror again - you have no idea how grateful I am to you and your products. Betty, Miami FL

" I do not know how to explain it, but my face is already appearing smoother and clarified."

Just wanted to let you know I received my ReJuveness Hyper-Heal cream just 5 days ago. Ju, NYC

" I know it has only been five days, but this is the best scar cream I have ever tried so far!"

I have researched the ingredients, only because I am an ingredient freak--and I found the major ingredients on (the Internet). It makes sense to me, even though I am not a scientist... Thanks JS Austin Tx.!

" Thank you and please please do not stop making Hyper-Heal cream.!"

I have new and very old acne scarring and like the new appearance and especially like the texture of my skin. I had dermabrasion years ago and was not satisfied with the results. Lisa, Albany NY


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