MAC's Face and Body Foundation

I've been using MAC's Face and Body Foundation or about two years now and it is one of my main go to foundations for summer. I typically prefer medium coverage in a foundation but, in hot and humid climates I prefer a lighter, more natural coverage and an oil-free, water based foundation. This particular product is great because it has buildable coverage for the face and body, meaning if you apply your foundation and find its too sheer just apply more on top until you get the coverage you desire and it still won't look heavy. Also, you can use a darker shade of foundation on your legs and body and rub it in and you get instant color. The Face and Body foundation is very easy to blend and its long-lasting. The consistency is almost water like when squeezed out from its nozzle tip but it quickly disappears into your skin once blended (see pic 2).

I use this foundation on brides quite often because it applies easily and can be manipulated depending on the type of applicator you use, whether it be a sponge wedge, a 187 or 190 brush or even your fingers. I love applying this with a drop or two of MAC's Strobe Liquid or Benefits High Beam, both of which add an angelic, sheer highlight to the face and shoulders, and collar bones, without looking powdery. You can even pour this liquid into an airbrush gun and it works perfectly. Although this foundation is very sheer looking it delivers professional results and it photographs beautifully.

This foundation is available in a wide range of colors and comes in a large 120ml bottle. Its only sold at MAC Stores and available on the MAC Pro website. Next time you are in a MAC store make sure to ask for a sample. As a side note, I have never experienced an acne breakout while using this foundation.


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