NAILS | Triple Coral Glitter Gradient #EssenceGelNails

The Essence Gel Nail Polish launch has been invigorating for me in many ways because I don't think I have done THIS many nail art posts in a very long time. For those that have been following me since I started blogging in 2011, I began as a nail art bloggers and would never have dreamed that I would be showing you all more than my talons. I probably take nail polish far too seriously, but I love pushing myself and trying new things. FOTDs are fun too, but sometimes I feel like there are only so many ways you can change your canvas aka your face. With nails, every time I take off my current design the slate truly is blank and can be transformed into ANYTHING.

I decided to finish of the month with a classic nail art design that is so fast and easy to do, but always looks amazing at the end - the glitter gradient!

Using 2 coats of Essence-Wild White Ways* as my base and my trusty makeup sponge, I sponged on Essence - Indian Summer* and Essence - Va Va Voom*, a bright creme neon coral, until the colours were opaque. It didn't take too long and I just needed a second round of sponging to even out the spacing of the three colours. To smooth out the bumpiness and give the edges their softness, I applied 2 coats of Essence Space Queen* (shown in photo) which is an iridescent glitter.

Using a wax pencil, I applied some square silver studs to add some edge to the look without distracting from the gradient we got goin' on.

Finally a coat of Essence The Gel Nail Polish Top Coat gave my nails some extra shine!

Is there any other nail art you would like to see me do/attempt? I will be doing some Christmas nail art, but I do get sick of snow, Santa and Christmas trees all month so I'm open to suggestions!


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